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Download the user manual (updated 21 January 2021) and the new Vega and Orion programs (updated 21 January 2021) : Download


For mobile devices

Vega Results is the new site for publishing chess tournaments. Built with modern technology and optimized for mobile devices. It is powered by Vega, the popular chess administration software FIDE endorsed.

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Want to register and/or watch the results of a chess tournament? Use the search page to locate the tournament. Inquire its rules and prizes. Contact the organizer. Follow pairing and standings.

How to publish

Follow these few easy instructions to uderstand how the site can help you. Register and start publishing today! For further help please have a look at the Frequently Asked Question.


Still doubts? Contact us (email at the bottom site), but first have a look at the Frequently Asked Question! Want to register? Go to the Register page and show your tournament to the world!